Instructors For A Cause: AVON 39

Sonia Djafri has been an instructor for Jump Start Swimming for over two years. Sonia participated in the AVON 39 Walk To End Breast Cancer on September 12-13, 2015. This was the 13th annual Avon walk to be help in Santa Barbara. Sonia walked a total of 39.3 miles and raised $1750. These donation went to the Avon Foundation . By the end of the second day in Santa Barbara, the participants had raised more than $5.3 million to accelerate breast cancer research; improve access to screening, diagnosis and treatment; and educate people about breast cancer. 

Sonia completed this walk in honor of her grandmother, Grandma Kathy. She fought and beat breast cancer once, but unfortunately passed away from the recurrence of breast cancer. She also walked because every three minutes, another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the US; by the time you finish reading this, there will be a new diagnosis. Cancer is a terrible disease that affects us all.

Sonia's dream is to become a pediatric oncologist and she has already started interning at the oncology floor at HOAG hospital!! Because she is still a few years away from making her dream come true, Sonia decided to participate in the AVON 39 walk to help contribute to the fight against cancer.

Jump Start Swimming is very proud of our instructors and are amazed everyday at their strength. Jump Start Swimming is happy to support her as she strives to reach her goals. Jump Start Swimming donated $500 and our support to Sonia and the fight against breast cancer. 

Sonia's goal was to raise $1800. She is very close to this goal but has not quite reached it. If you would like to donate please use the link below. There is not pressure to donate.


Jump Start Swimming loves supporting our instructors and we are very proud of Sonia for all she has done. 

Sonia Djafri

"Walking 39.3 miles was no easy task, but it pales in comparison to chemo and radiation. I am so elated & proud to have been part of a group of 2,300 amazing people who raised 5.3 million dollars for the fight against breast cancer! ‪#Powerof39‬ ONLY $86 away from my goal!!"