Jump Start Swimming's Policies

Cancellation Policy: Private lessons may be cancelled and rescheduled up to 3 days prior to scheduled appointment. If lesson is cancelled less than 3 days prior (and not due to illness or weather), the lesson will be forfeited. Group lessons will proceed at the scheduled time regardless of how many students attend (i.e if only two of three students show up for a group lesson, the lesson will still proceed with two students). There will be NO MAKE-UPS for group lessons.

Refund Policy: We offer a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied after the second lesson. Our refund policy says the SECOND lesson in order to allow for the instructor to assess the child's abilities, temperament, willingness to learn, etc. and allow for adjustments in their curriculum based on these factors. If after the second lesson you are not satisfied, you may either change instructors or receive a full refund. If you are not satisfied towards the end of the package, you may receive a refund of any future (incomplete) lessons. WE DO NOT REFUND COMPLETED PACKAGES or COMPLETED LESSONS.

Instructor and Class Changes: We do our best to accommodate specific instructor request. However, instructor substitution, modification and changes can occur at the sole discretion of Jump Start Swimming.

Trial Classes: In some cases, trial classes may be offered by Jump Start Swimming. In order to book a trial lesson you must create an account and then contact jumpstartswimming@gmail.com.

Parent/Guardian Attendance/Spectators: Participants’ parent.guardian must remain at the facility or on the pool deck during the entire duration of each lesson. Spectators may watch from the defined viewing area during their Participant’s class. Spectators are not allowed in the pool area during classes except when requested by the instructor. If you have questions or requests for the instructor, you may ask them at the end of the lesson. You may also ask the lead instructor, when she is on desk.

Payment Policy: Payment is due before scheduling lessons. We offer a Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied by the second lesson. Multiple lesson packages can be added to the cart to allow for a one-time checkout. 

Method of Payment: Electronic payments are the only payment methods accepted by Jump Start Swimming. Electronic payments include credit and debit cards. Check will only be accepted upon arrangement with the board of directors.

Discounts: Jump Start Swimming offers multiple discounts to help make our swim lessons even MORE affordable! Only one discount can be applied per purchase. For more information on our discounts, click here

Late Policy: If a client is late to lessons, lessons will proceed ONLY during the scheduled time, regardless of the lesson length. (Ex: if client arrives for a 30 minute lesson at 12:10, rather than 12:00, lessons will end at the scheduled time of 12:30). If the instructor arrives late, the lesson will proceed for the entire scheduled lesson duration. Please arrive early enough so that your swimmer has time to stop by the bathroom, get changed and be ready before their lesson begins.

Pool Temperature: The pool temperature should be warmer than 80 degrees for children 6 and over, and at or warmer than 85 degrees for children under 6. All children (and adults) tend to learn better in a pool that is between 80 and 89 degrees. If an instructor feels that the pool is too cold for your child to safely and comfortably swim in, they have the right to reschedule lessons to when the pool can be heated. 

Weather Policy: In the event of light rain or cloudy weather, lessons will proceed as scheduled. In the event of LIGHTNING AND THUNDER lessons will be canceled and rescheduled to another date. The instructor and client have the ability to reschedule lessons due to weather. This must be agreed upon by both parties. If you do not speak to the instructor prior to the lesson, assume it will proceed as scheduled. 

Changing Area, Restroom, and Locker Rooms: There is a restroom/changing area on deck. There are showers outside the restroom; however, these are not always accessible. Children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the restroom.

Swimsuit: Anyone entering the pool is required to wear appropriate swim apparel. Street clothing is not permitted. Rash-guards or swim shirts are permitted and highly encouraged for younger swimmers to tend to get old easily.

Swim Diapers: All students who are not fully potty-trained are required to wear a reusable (non-disposable) swim diaper. Disposable swim diapers (such as Lil’ Swimmers) can and should be worn under the non-disposable swim diaper. Reusable diapers have a tighter fit, which helps to avoid accidents in our pools. A swimsuit or a pair of shorts should be worn over the diaper. Even a small accident in the pool can close the pool down for as long as 24 hours. If in doubt, PLEASE do not take the chance.

Swim Caps/Hair Tie: Any swimmer who has hair longer than chin length is required to put their hair up using a hair tie or will be asked to put on a swim cap.

Towels: You must bring your own towel. towels are not provided.

Goggles: Swimmers who prefer their own goggles, are encouraged to bring their own. Jumps Start Swimming always has loaner goggles for swimmers. For google suggestions feel free to ask an instructor.

Crying Policy: Please let your instructor know (preferably before the first lesson) if you are concerned with your child crying. We all know children cry, especially when they are in new situations without Mom and Dad. Our instructors are trained for this and will assess the situation to determine if the lesson should proceed or be rescheduled. The majority of the time, the lesson will proceed as scheduled and the instructor will work with the child to make him or her feel more comfortable, and eventually the child cams down and has fun. We have found that taking a child out of the water when he is crying teaches him that he can get out if he cries and that is not what we want! We ask that you please let the instructor make the decision whether to proceed or not. If you have any concerns, please call us. 

Pool Safety Rules

These rules are meant to keep your children and family safe and should be enforced by both instructor and parent on any and every pool deck. We encourage parents to enforce these rules even when instructor is not present, to establish good water safety habits that will last a lifetime.

1. NO RUNNING on the pool deck.    

2. PARENTS are responsible for watching all children outside the pool AT ALL TIMES. We are NOT responsible for any injuries obtained outside the pool under the parent's watch.      

3. NO SCUBA MASKS (or any goggles covering the nose) will be permitted as these can pose a safety hazard when used improperly.  

4. NO DIVING unless permitted by instructor.    

5. No HORSEPLAY or distracting behavior (in the pool or out) during lesson time.

Instructor's Pool Rules

1. Please apply SUNSCREEN at home 30 Minutes BEFORE your lesson begins. Please DO NOT bring sunscreen with you to your lesson. Sunscreen destroys the pool liner and upsets the balance of chemicals in the pool.  

2. Only ONE child will be allowed in the pool at a time unless participating in a group lesson. Siblings, cousins, friends, etc. will need to wait their turn before entering the pool or spa.

3. Please use the restroom BEFORE coming to lessons. If you need to use the restroom, please be sure you are completely dry BEFORE entering the house.  

4. Please be ON TIME! Arrive dressed for swimming, with a towel and goggles if needed.   

5. Visitors are welcome to QUIETLY WATCH under the covered patio. Any questions, comments, or concerns will be addressed after the lesson.  

6. Please NO GUM in or around the pool!  

7. Please pull all LONG HAIR back (out of child's face). Please do not use Bobbie pins as they rust and ruin the bottom of the pool.  

8. Please CLEAN UP after yourself.  

9. All POOL TOYS and teaching aids will be provided. Please leave all of yours at home.    

10. The point of enrolling children in swim lessons is to teach them to swim and float on their own. For this reason, NO FLOTATION DEVICES will be permitted.