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Our Mission

It is the mission of Jump Start Swimming to prevent drowning and aquatic injuries throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas. Jump Start Swimming will accomplish this mission by teaching water safety skills, educating children and adults, and raising awareness.

Jump Start Swimming is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) operated by a Board of Directors whose purpose is to ensure Jump Start Swimming continues to make progress in the it’s three main areas of focus: water safety, education, and awareness.


The initial founders were motivated to help children and adults fall in love with the sport of swimming. Because of this motivation, Jump Start Swimming was founded in 2014 by Alex Huynen and Caitlyn Verdugo. Jump Start Swimming started out providing swim lessons to swimmers and families in home and community pools, and at the Jump Start Swimming pool in Fountain Valley. From 2014-2015, Jump Start Swimming was able to provide swim lessons to over 250 swimmers.

In May 2016, Jump Start Swimming transitioned from a partnership to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Becoming a nonprofit organization allowed Jump Start Swimming to partner with with other local non-profits to achieve a common mission. After being a nonprofit, Jump Start Swimming partnered with Orange County Riptide Aquatics Club. Under OC Riptide, Jump Start Swimming started a learn-to-swim program at Ocean View High School.

AREAS of Focus

The main area that Jump Start Swimming focuses on is water safety and the skills necessary for children and adults to survive an accidental fall into the water. To accomplish this our instructors use child-centered teaching methods to help teach a sequence of skills during our individual and group swim lessons. This sequence is referred to as the safety swimming sequence and involves learning how to roll over, breath, and get to the side of the pool. This sequence can be taught to infants, children, and adults and is necessary to help individuals survive a fall into the water. Along with teaching this sequence, instructors will also teach different safety rules, during the lesson, that should be followed while around the water. Once students have mastered basic water safety skills they can learn skills to become a progressively stronger swimmer which will benefit their safety, health and participation in many more activities in or near the water.   When students master basic swimming strokes they will receive guidance transitioning onto local swim teams and other water activities including junior guards and water polo.   

The second area of focus is education. Jump Start Swimming focuses on educating parents about the precautions that should be taken when in or around the water. Jump Start Swimming provides education on water safety skills, drowning prevention, and emergency response. We provide this information by consulting with children and families, sending out informational newsletters, and providing resources for parents via our website or flyers. 

The third and final focus is awareness. Jump Start Swimming aims to raise awareness about the risks of drowning and what can be done to prevent it. This is accomplished by researching and sending out information about drowning prevention, the high numbers of drownings, and way parents can help keep their children safe.