Private Lessons

Jump Start Swimming offers thirty minute private lessons to swimmers two year of age or older. Private lessons are customized to each swimmers age and ability level. Private lessons can be used to learn everything from the basic water safety skills to advances swimming techniques. Instructors at Jump Start Swimming use private lesson time to give each swimmer the one on one attention they need to learn in the most effective way possible. 


Ages: 2 years of age - Adult

Ability Levels: All ability levels

Semi-Private Lessons

Thirty Minute semi-private lessons will be offered to groups of 2 swimmers of similar age and ability. This type of class may be recommended for twins, friends similar in ability, siblings similar in age and ability, or adults.

During semi-private lessons, instructors will focus on developing water safety skills and increasing the swimmers knowledge and water safety abilities. Once water safety is achieved, the instructor will move on to teach swim techniques and strokes.

Only Offered at the Jump Start Pool.


Ages: 3 years old - Adult

Ability Levels: Swimmers must have a similar ability level. 

**Jump Start Swimming reserves the right to require swimmers receive private lessons if their swimming ability is not similar. 

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One hour group instruction offered to swimmers who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke 25 yards independently. This class is recommended to swimmers who are excelling in private or semi-private lessons and would like to strengthen their skills. It provides swimmers with the skills necessary to join a club or summer swim team.

Sessions will focus on building endurance and gaining skills in all four stroke, along with dives, turns, and treading water.


Ages: 5 years old - Adult

Ability Levels: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke.

**For safety reasons, Jump Start Swimming reserves the right to inform parents and remove swimmers from sessions if the swimmer does not have the ability to participate in group sessions. 

How many lessons will it take for my child to learn how to swim? What can they learn?

This is our most popular question and one that almost every family asks! Of course, this answer depends on the child, because all children are different and have different strengths and weaknesses. How long it will take depends on whether a child has previous experience in the water, can understand and follow directions, is comfortable with strangers (the instructor), is cooperative with the instructor, is willing to lay on his/her back, is fully supported by the parent (even when scared or crying), is encouraged to continue swimming and listening to the instructor, etc. Because there are so many factors, we cannot specify an amount of time it will take to learn how to swim because there are so many skills involved in swimming and each is learned through a process. 

It helps to think about a child learning to swim in the same way as a child learning to write. A child must first scribble, then trace with adult guidance, trace independently, write short words, and then write longer and more words before he actually knows “how to write”. Learning to swim is a process in the same way learning to write is a process. A child must first get in the water, put his face under water, be able to float, kick his feet, move his arms, and then put all of those skills together before he knows “how to swim”. The more your child already knows, the faster he will learn the swimming process.

Skills Taught

Here are the GENERAL swimming goals for each age group. These may or may not apply to your child. Please consult your instructor after your child’s first lesson for more specific answers.  (This is not a complete list. The skills your child learns depends on the factors listed above.) 

6 months-1.5 years:

Gain comfort in the water and with the instructor. Gain basic skills (bubbles, kicking, face under, supported back floating, etc.). Jump Start Swimming recommends starting lessons when your swimmer is at least 2 years of age. 

2-3 years:

 Gain skills like kicking, face under, jumping in, assisted back floating, rolling over, eyes under and kicking, reaching for toys underwater. Work on Safety Swimming Sequence (jump in, roll over, get to wall or call for help). This is the best age to start swim lessons because all of these skills are important and necessary to be successful in swimming and 2-3 is the perfect time to learn them!

3-4 years:

 Gain all previous skills. In addition, learn “big arms”, independent back floating, back stroke, Independent Safety Swimming Sequence, beginning of diving, introduce (short) lap swimming.

5-8 years: 

Practice a variety of swimming strokes, perfect the Safety Swimming Sequence, introduce side breathing, various diving methods, lap swimming, and more intensive instruction (prepare for competitive swimming).

10 Years-adult: 

Practice all strokes, dive variations, flip and open turns, lap swimming, practice racing rules and regulations, treading water. Any skills a swimmer would like to learn, we can teach.