"I am so pleased with Caitlyn's Swim School. Caitlyn is wonderful with my kids. She has so much patience and is engaging with them.  My kids are now swimming and loving it. My daughter was very reluctant at the beginning and would be tearful in the water; now, she has so much confidence and is swimming with a big smile throughout the entire lesson..."

-Huyen, August 2013

"Love Caitlyn's Swim School!  They were able to schedule us quickly when we were scared about our 3 yr old's over confidence and lack of skills around the water.  Our instructor was Emily and she was very flexible with scheduling, always on time and GREAT with our little guy.  (Who was a tough customer)  He is now swimming so much better and improving every day!"

-Taunya, July 2013

"Thank you  Coach Alex for teaching my daughters how to swim! They  really enjoyed swimming with you and they improved tremendously!" 

- Kim, August 2013

"My experience was great. We had Elaine as our instructor and she was wonderful! She was always on time and great with my  4 year old daughter. After 12 sessions she can now swim the full length of the pool and my husband and I feel comfortable eveytime she is now in the water. We are looking forward to next summer when we can have our daughter learn more advanced strokes and start our then 2 year old son."

-Claudia, August 2013

“Caitlyn Verdugo was AWESOME! Caitlyn was always patient but firm and never let the girls get out of the water because of too much crying. In the end, both my girls passed the "swim test." I was especially amazed with my 5 year old who was learning the breast and back stroke towards the end of the swim lessons!”

- Maria, July 2012

“I signed up for swim lessons to become more comfortable in the water. My instructor was Caitlyn and she was great. She is very patient, encouraging, and very nice. I looked forward to the lessons to find out what I was going to learn next. Now I am super comfortable in the water and I owe that to a great instructor. I loved the experience and would recommend Caitlyn.” 

- Jamie, August 2012

 “Caitlyn is very patient, friendly and a great teacher. She encourages you to keep going and get better. She carefully watched each of my strokes and pointed out my mistakes and provided input on improving them. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” 

- Mansi, July 2011

“Caitlyn gave my son private and public swim classes for over a year. She really did a wonderful job of teaching him to love to swim and helping him get over his fear of the water. Caitlyn has a big heart and a lot of patience and our son really thrived under her lessons. Because of her guidance he was able to “let go” and swim on his own.” 

- Shady, August 2010

“Absolutely the best experience we have ever had with a swim instructor. Caitlyn is amazing. My son was frightened to death of the water and within two lessons he was excited to go to the pool and swim with Caitlyn.”

- Buu, July 2010


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